Hero Overview: Astrid

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HeroHeroGamesWin %Avg LengthT/DTakedownsKillsDeathsHero DmgSiege DmgHealingSelf HealDmg Taken/DXP
68.8%00:18:403.614.14.63.956,801116,5821,02321,236 15,488
HeroHeroGamesWin %T/DTakedownsDeathsHero DmgSiege DmgSelf HealDmg Taken/DXP
68.8%3.614.13.956,801116,58221,236 15,488

Average percent of the game lengths spent at each Talent stack, starting from when the first stack is acquired. Currently only available for Nova and Gall.

Games PlayedWin Percent012345
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Games PlayedWin Percent01234
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