Match History: Himmpy

Storm League

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 Map NameLengthHeroLvlMMRMMR ΔDate and Time (UTC)
 167139819Infernal Shrines00:16:13ArtanisArtanis2001639-1594/6/2019 1:48:38 AM636901121180000000 WarriorBruiser
 167139230Towers of Doom00:13:47StitchesStitches601698-594/6/2019 1:21:21 AM636901104810000000 WarriorTank
 167138760Volskaya Foundry00:27:12CassiaCassia20115391594/6/2019 12:51:56 AM636901087160000000 AssassinSustained Damage
 167138234Alterac Pass00:18:34ArtanisArtanis2001807-2684/6/2019 12:15:05 AM636901065050000000 WarriorBruiser
 167137760Braxis Holdout00:19:47ArtanisArtanis20116231844/5/2019 11:44:02 PM636901046420000000 WarriorBruiser
 167137267Cursed Hollow00:18:40ArtanisArtanis2001783-1604/5/2019 11:15:52 PM636901029520000000 WarriorBruiser
 167113023Battlefield of Eternity00:20:30Li LiLi Li20115442394/5/2019 4:03:59 AM636900338390000000 SupportHealer
 167112650Volskaya Foundry00:18:00SonyaSonya2001700-1564/5/2019 3:34:04 AM636900320440000000 WarriorBruiser