Match History: Sadai

Storm League

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 Map NameLengthHeroLvlMMRMMR ΔDate and Time (UTC)
 140267983Sky Temple00:17:12ThrallThrall20122662714/9/2020 4:06:57 AM637220020170000000 Bruiser
 02020 Season 1  Hero 0  12/4/2019 12:00:00 AM637110144000000000  
 02019 Season 3  Hero 0  8/6/2019 12:00:00 AM637006464000000000  
 138453179Towers of Doom00:16:05JainaJaina20123512346/27/2019 3:36:01 AM636972033610000000 Ranged Assassin
 138677465Hanamura Temple00:13:49SylvanasSylvanas902412-616/26/2019 10:35:26 PM636971853260000000 Ranged Assassin
 139716728Garden of Terror00:17:52RaynorRaynor20121512615/14/2019 3:41:55 AM636934021150000000 Ranged Assassin
 146170329Cursed Hollow00:16:52Kel'ThuzadKel'Thuzad20116762035/1/2019 10:19:42 PM636923459820000000 Ranged Assassin
 145025532Infernal Shrines00:20:30ThrallThrall1901760-844/19/2019 4:01:53 AM636912433130000000 Bruiser
 144209901Alterac Pass00:13:18DiabloDiablo2001927-1673/29/2019 1:15:57 AM636894189570000000 Tank
 137116117Sky Temple00:18:21GarroshGarrosh1502109-1823/28/2019 6:21:40 AM636893509000000000 Tank
 137116118Volskaya Foundry00:28:30DiabloDiablo20119511583/28/2019 5:53:18 AM636893491980000000 Tank