Currently there is only a few available endpoints, but more will be added in the future. No API keys are needed at this point, but I may change this in the future as well.

Raw Data Export

I also have an automated data export that shares a 30 day segment of raw data: Download Link, Last Updated: 3/18/2017 10:00:07 PM

Available Endpoints

https://api.hotslogs.com/Public/Data/Heroes Hero List
https://api.hotslogs.com/Public/Data/Maps Map List
https://api.hotslogs.com/Public/Events Tournament List
https://api.hotslogs.com/Public/Events/{EventID} Tournament Details
https://api.hotslogs.com/Public/Players/{PlayerID} Player Summary - PlayerID
https://api.hotslogs.com/Public/Players/{Region}/{BattleTag} Player Summary - Region (1=US, 2=EU, 3=KR, 5=CN) and BattleTag (Name_1234)

JSON Property Acronyms


PID PlayerID
PN Player Name


RID ReplayID
GM Game Mode or EventID
M Map
RL Replay Length
TR Timestamp Replay
PXPB Periodic XP Breakdown (Not Yet Available)
RCs Replay Characters - 1 per Player per Game

Replay Characters - 1 per Player per Game

IsAS Is Auto Select
C Character (Hero Name)
CL Character Level
IsW Is Winner
SR Score Result - 1 per Player per Game since ~Feb 2016

Score Result - 1 per Player per Game since ~Feb 2016

T Takedowns
S Solo Kills (Killing Blows)
A Assists
D Deaths
HD Hero Damage
SiD Siege Damage (Includes Structure, Minion, and Creep)
StD Structure Damage
MD Minion Damage
CD Creep Damage
SuD Summon Damage
TCCdEH Time CC'd Enemy Hero - Not Available, Known Issue
H Healing - Known Issue
SH Self Healing - Known Issue
DT Damage Taken
EC Experience Contribution
TK Town Kills (Fort/Keep Killing Blows)
TSD Time Spent Dead - Known Issue
MCC Merc Camps Captured
WTC Watch Tower Captures
ME Meta Experience (XP added to the player's account and Hero level after the match)

Team Profile Player Average Replay Character Upgrade Event Replay Length Percents

This shows the average percent of a match a player spends at each stack of 'Gathering Power'-style talents.

Currently this is only available for a couple talents that are tracked in the replay file. I'll add new ones if Blizzard makes them available in the replay file.

Nova Snipe Master = 1

Gall Dark Descent = 2

T Upgrade Event Type (See Above)
V Upgrade Event Value
P Replay Length Percent
GP Games Played
GW Games Won