Heroes of the Storm Map Objectives & Statistics | HOTS Logs

View map objective win rate and balance statistics. Results shown are gathered from the most recent 30 days.

Storm League
All Maps

Win Rate with First Catapult Spawn

 Total OccurencesWin Percent
Braxis Holdout4,06977.1%
Volskaya Foundry3,96376.3%
Dragon Shire3,94576.0%
Garden of Terror3,91875.7%
Hanamura Temple3,96774.9%
Infernal Shrines3,93574.3%
Battlefield of Eternity3,96474.1%
Cursed Hollow4,03173.0%
Tomb of the Spider Queen3,95272.1%
Sky Temple4,06967.8%

Win Rate with First Boss Capture

 Total OccurencesWin Percent
Braxis Holdout3,38979.4%
Tomb of the Spider Queen2,99876.7%
Towers of Doom3,44676.2%
Sky Temple3,90775.8%
Alterac Pass3,60772.1%
Cursed Hollow3,96470.1%

Percent of Games Ended with a Boss Push

 Total OccurencesPercent of Games
Cursed Hollow1,13628.2%
Towers of Doom1,09327.0%
Sky Temple88221.7%
Tomb of the Spider Queen72418.3%
Alterac Pass62417.3%
Braxis Holdout56914.0%

Win Rate by Bosses Collected in One Game