Frequently Asked Questions

How does HOTS Logs work?

HOTS Logs relies on users to upload their replay files. Using these files, it builds you a personalized Profile and Match History, and calculates an estimated matchmaking rating using everyone's match results.

You may find you have a Profile generated before you upload any games; this is because others players have uploaded games that you were in.

To upload your full Match History, and generate a Profile using all your games, please upload your replay files here: Upload Replays

Why are replays missing from my match history?

There is an option in Heroes of the Storm to save all your replays. Unfortunately, if you didn't know about this or didn't enable it early on, only your most recent replays will be saved.

The good news is that if another player uploads one of the games you were in previously, it will be added to your Profile as well.

When is MMR calculated? When is the leaderboard updated?

MMR is constantly being recalculated. There are two separate priorities here: Replays uploaded within 3 days of playing are usually calculated within a few hours. Newly uploaded games that were played within the previous two months are usually calculated within a couple weeks. Newly uploaded games that were played more than two months ago will unfortunately not have MMR calculated. This is because it is currently too demanding to have to recalculate all past games. This system is set up to keep MMR as fresh as possible for players who use HOTS Logs at least once every three days :)

Can players upload only their wins to raise themselves on the leaderboard?

Yes and no. If they only upload wins, their MMR will be unnaturally raised. But Blizzard knows better and will continue to match them appropriately. Only having wins against players with MMR lower than the falsified one will result in smaller and smaller gains.

There is also the same 'good news' above; if other players upload some of the losses, they will be added to both profiles.

Thankfully, I've looked through a number of profiles and haven't found anyone with unusually large win streaks.

Why do some of my uploaded replays show as Duplicate?

This simply means one of the other 9 players in that game has already uploaded that replay. Don't worry, it will be added to all of the involved players' profiles, including yours.

Can I change my BattleTag?

Yes! If you change your BattleTag through Blizzard, all you have to do to update your Profile on HOTS Logs, is to upload a new replay with your new BattleTag in it.

Your Profile name will be updated, and all your past games will be preserved.

My Battle.Net account was Silenced, why can't I view my HOTS Logs Profile?

In an effort to improve the community, Silenced players will be temporarily hidden on HOTS Logs, and will not be eligible for the HOTS Logs Leaderboard. This will last for the duration of the Silence, plus an additional 15 days. You are welcome to use the rest of during this time.

After this player has been restored to good standing, you are welcome to rejoin. You can select your BattleTag here. You will need to verify your account on the Manage Account page and set your Profile to 'Public' if you want to be re-added to the Leaderboard.

Thank you for understanding!

Why do Cho and Gall have different 'Games Played'?

For most sitewide statistics, HOTS Logs only counts games where players are at least Hero level 5.

If the 'Cho' player is Hero level 5, and the 'Gall' player is Hero level 4, the game will only count towards Cho's games played and win rate.

Why doesn't the HOTS Logs Uploader tool automatically update anymore?

Lately, this feature has been causing more problems than solving. I may reimplement this in the future, but I'll have to do a lot of testing first.

Why aren't all my Games Played listed in the Player Hero Overview page?

This feature uses the end-game score screen statistics, which have only been available in the replay file since February 2016.

Because of this, only Games Played since February 2016 are counted on this page.

For more information, you can read Blizzard's blog post here.

Why did my MMR change at the beginning of a Ranked Play Season?

Blizzard made some changes to their internal player MMR rankings. They've talked about it in their Ranked Play Revamp blog post, and their Unranked Draft Mode and More! blog post.

Since HOTS Logs MMR is overall trying to estimate Blizzard's internal MMR, we'll also follow along with these changes.

The general idea of these changes is that everyone keeps their current place on the Leaderboard, but the space between players is reduced, and each player's MMR uncertainty is increased.

This means it will temporarily be easier for players to ascend or descend the ladder.