About Us

My name is Ben Barrett, and I am a software engineer by day, and avid gamer by night.

My goal for this project has primarily been to fill the role of an in-game profile, but I believe HotS will be a very popular game in the future, so I want to expand HOTS Logs to include more detailed analysis of individual replays. I want this site to inspire players to better themselves, and learn something about their play styles or team composition.

Github: Heroes.ReplayParser

Interested in parsing replays yourself? Or contributing in the development of HOTS Logs? I've made my C# replay parsing project public on Github, check it out here: Heroes.ReplayParser

Special Thanks

A very special thanks to Kevin McClellan with ACE4IT for building the 'Match Details' replay viewer framework, which animates HotS units across the leaflet map.

A big 'Thank You!' to Trey Cook at http://dreamweb.co/ for creating our cool logo!

Special thanks to Ladislav Zezula at www.zezula.net for his very fast update to his MPQ Editor, which can now be used to remove all chat from Heroes of the Storm (or Starcraft 2) replay files.

Special thanks to Jonathan "Abyssmo" Cheuquen for creating the designs for the player profile signature images.

Contact Us

Before contacting, please check if your question is answered on the FAQ or MMR Information page.

Suggestions or Support: admin@hotslogs.com

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API for Developers

Want to use HOTS Logs data in your app? Check here for available endpoints.