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Storm League

This league requires players to upload at least 300 replays

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If you would like more information on how I calculate MMR, I've written up a little explanation here

League Rank PlayerGames PlayedRating (MMR)Match History
12645280 1Hux3123246View Match History
13100953 2Khoax4513200View Match History
13041616 3DeathByMays3103170View Match History
15457524 4Player3253152View Match History
12687188 5H2O3273145View Match History
12701244 6KarlieJai5043109View Match History
12877973 7Solien3223072View Match History
12736305 8Habidaccus4223047View Match History
12774162 9Riokaii8173026View Match History
12653038 10Frostywind7232976View Match History
12701794 11Tiranie3942965View Match History
12684504 12Skullmelter3602963View Match History